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Law Offices of Steven B. Lever
200 Pine Avenue
Suite 620, Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 912-1033
Fax: (562) 485-6886

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Yelp Reviews for LeverLaw

Michael P's Review Total Experience
Torrance, CA Will Recommend
on 06/05/2013

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us.  You have made a difficult situation somewhat simple.  I never held lawyers in high regard, but you have brought me around.  You truly are great at what you do and we appreciate all the hard work you put into our case, how freely you answered our questions and the amount of time you gave to us in those initial meetings.  I can honestly say that our initial meeting was what sold us on you and your firm.  You did not disappoint.

Rick L's Review Total Experience
Long Beach, CA Will Recommend
on 05/22/2013

Steve and his team were an oasis in a sea of dispare

Tom C. Review Total Experience
Bilmar, NJ Will Recommend
on 10/17/2012

I can't give enough thanks to Steven Lever and his cooperation, professionalism and expertise in my case. I had consulted with a few attorneys for my bankruptcy and was personally blown away with Steven's approach to righting my financial path. From the first meeting, Steven set the plan of attack and outlined what would happen one month, two months, 6 months and a year from our first consultation. He continually informed me via e-mail or phone as to the happenings of my case and the next steps. He handled all creditor calls and forms that needed to be filed in a quick and perfect manner. Any and all questions I had for Steve were answered promptly and thoroughly. I can finally say that he helped me get back on track and relieved a huge stress in my life.

Thanks again, Steve, for everything that you have done and continue to do!

Fransisco G. Review Total Experience
Los Angeles, CA Will Recommend
on 04/03/2012

Ok I'm a resident of Long Beach,CA and
I YELP baby. An issue has come my way and the need for a Savvy yet respectable lawyer, therefore I have turned to Mr. Lever.  He is clearly the attorney for me with two decades of experience. His knowledge and reputation gives me the comfort that I will be taken care of my case.

David H. Review Total Experience
Mission Viejo, CA Will Recommend
on 03/17/2012

After a great referral from a good friend, I called Steven. I had a very challenging case, to say the least. After just a couple of meetings at his location, Steven was able to perform the needed follow-up over the phone, which saved me a lot of time. He worked closely with me to advise me and help me with this very stressful event. He  also assisted me at the court meetings. He really took the mystery out of a very foreign process.  I would, with out a doubt, highly recommend Steven to anyone considering Bankruptcy. His professionalism and knowledge were the key to me being successful in my case.

Heather H. Review Total Experience
Mission Viejo, CA Will Recommend
on 03/14/2012

Listen....bankruptcy can be a real low in your life, especially if you don't have a lawyer with skills and knowledge to help you through it.
I am truly grateful that I had Steven Lever on my side! He was completely competent and professional from the first day of our journey till the last!
I can't thank him enough for giving me a fresh start!!!!
I recommend Steven to everyone I know!!!!! Thanks Steve, your the best!

Todd G's Review Total Experience
La Mirada, CA Will Recommend
on 06/15/2010

Several years ago I used the services of LeverLaw.  I was recently divorced and my career hadn't taken off yet.  Steve and his staff took charge right away and I went from feeling out of control to having a plan of action.  I followed the advice I was given, and it really worked.  Steve took a very personalized interest in getting me a fresh start.   Now, thankfully, that is all behind me and I'm remarried with a wonderful family and doing great in my career.  It's hard to believe I was in that situation now, and I'm glad LeverLaw was there to help me get my fresh start.